The Gift of Life

The Gift of Life was the Spiritist Film Festival (SFF) theme and was chosen to support the World Suicide Prevention Day campaign, which also takes place in September of every year. The Gift of Life will always be an invitation for the reflection and practice of gratitude, and will always include topics such as the importance of mental and spiritual awareness in the transformation process to achieve inner peace, topics that play an important role in the process of ‘Valuing Life’.

The films and seminars of SFF, addressed this important matter in our community. We believe that by encouraging the formation of an audience for the Spiritist film industry in Australia, we also create an awareness about Suicide and its consequences through the view of Spiritism philosophy.

So if you would like to know the Spiritist perspective about suicide and how to support people around you, connect to us, learn about it, get involved and give life a chance!